Developing and Presenting

a Professional Portfolio in

Early Childhood Education

Nancy W. Wiltz et al. (Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River, N.J., 2008)

Things have changed a lot since I first became a teacher many years ago, but a parent recently asked me for advice on becoming a teacher today so I bought this book. In the current economic crisis the job market is very competitive, especially in education where many people think they would enjoy teaching (although 30% change careers after the first year), and with the declining birth rate there is less demand for teachers than there used to be.

This book explains how to begin documenting your education and experience as soon as you begin college, in order to create an impressive record of your personal and professional growth to show potential employers. Electronic resources and preparation for interviews are also offered, as well as practical advice to beat the competition. If you love children you should be aware that a teacher is merely a clerk in the school system, so realize that your idealism will have to accommodate itself to the reality of politics and economics.

If you are a parent merely interested in preparing yourself to aid your child's early education there are many textbooks on the subject that would be more appropriate.