Soccer Skills for Kids DVD

(Fastforward Music, Suffolk England, 2005)


I use this video as an aid to teaching English as a second language, since most kids (especially boys here in Europe) are very interested in soccer both as a participant and spectator sport. But this video offers much more than English practice (Australian accent).


An important message at the beginning of the video is that learning about soccer should be entertainment first, results second. I think learning to play soccer well is a healthy developmental challenge for kids, as well as being fun and good exercise.


The soccer school portrayed covers most fundamental aspects of the game: warm-up, feeling comfortable with the ball to develop confidence, etc. Basic skills demonstrated include dribbling (forwards and backwards), turning maneuvers, trapping, heading and passing, and also fancy moves like the Oxford and the Flipper.


The importance of accuracy rather than strength in shooting is emphasized, but there isn’t a lot of detailed step-by-step instruction. For example, the bicycle kick is merely demonstrated repeatedly rather than taught. There isn’t a lot of boring dialogue, and the background music adds interest.


I have an old video for kids “Soccer Stars” (CBS/Fox, 1988) on VHS (English accent), which I like better, but as far as I know it isn’t available on DVD. So I recommend “Soccer Skills for Kids” as a great gift for modern kids who would enjoy learning how to play soccer well.