Parent Teacher Interviews

Eleanor Johnston (Lulu Press 2009)

This instructive book is a fictional account of the kinds of events that occur when parents, children and teachers cross paths. The author is an experienced teacher who presents numerous bits of advice for dealing with "the enemy." For example, when a teacher spends all day long communicating with small children, parents should not feel offended if she talks to you as if you were a small child. It's just a natural habit. (If a teacher tells a parent to go stand in the corner, it might be a good idea to invite the teacher to your house for a Saturday afternoon get-together rather than trying to communicate after school.)

On the other hand, if you're an older parent and the teacher is nearly half your age, resist the temptation to treat the young teacher as if he or she were your child and needs your advice on how to teach. The story is based on the idea that a good teacher is like a good parent: you have to want the best for every child, even though (in the case of a teacher) the children aren’t yours. Although the author is a parent and teacher, not a writer, the book contains some gems: “Teaching and parenting: two sides of the coin of an adult’s love for a child.” Available as a paperback book or an immediate download (.pdf file) from