Notes to Jacqui

A Polio Survivor's Thoughts to his Daughter

by Ronald Tomo


“Notes to Jacqui” is inspirational and enjoyable to read.  It is a “feel good” book filled with love and hope!

 It is appealing on many different levels.  It is first and foremost - a love story – of a father’s love for his daughter.  He is writing “notes” to his daughter, Jacqui, teaching her all he has learned about life.  However, it is also a “survivor’s manual” teaching the reader how to overcome obstacles and enjoy a full and happy life.  Ron tells how he survived polio as a child and struggled to overcome challenges in his early life and beyond.  His lessons are meaningful to anyone who has faced or will face any type of problem in their own life (and who among us has not faced a challenge at one time or another?).  I have lived through challenges myself and I have also raised a child.  I could relate to many of Ron’s “notes” to his child, chuckled at some of them and really thought about others.  I also learned some new tips reading his book.

 This book could also be called an owner’s manual re: "how to live your life to the fullest".  Ron is an excellent teacher and imparts his wisdom through simple, practical and sometimes humorous tips.  He comes across as an intelligent, thoughtful, kind and loving parent.  He clearly loves his daughter - but he also cares deeply about other people and their feelings and welfare.  He has been a leader in the work environment and has wisdom to share about how to survive in the business world as well.

I recommend this book to all parents.  I also think it is a great read for anyone who has had or is experiencing a challenge in his/her life.  It is filled with hope to help you rise above any obstacle you might be facing.  It would also be a great gift for a young person leaving for college.

 The world would be a better place if all parents loved their children as much as Ron loves his daughter.  He has clearly lived his own life, on his own terms, and he has given her the freedom to do the same.  I'm sure she is an amazing young woman!  Ron speaks often of his daughter’s gift for writing. I hope some day his daughter, Jacqui, will publish her poetry (as her Dad suggests in the book) since I’d love to read it!


Review by Barbara Mahoney