Kevin's Last Walk

A Father's Final Journey with his Son

by Barry Adkins (Red Willow Publishing, 2011)


As a volunteer with child cancer patients I’ve witnessed the tragedy of pre-announced death several times. But as difficult as it is to live through months or years dreading the inevitable end, this book made me wonder if the sudden, unexpected death of a child might be even worse.


This is the incredible but true story of a father whose normal, nonalcoholic teenaged son died of alcohol poisoning. A tragedy like this would destroy many families, but despite the agony this man suffered he decided to make something good come out of it, and he succeeded. He walked 1,400 miles from Arizona to Montana, speaking to thousands of students in schools along the way about the danger of alcohol.


Many more people die from alcohol than from all illegal drugs combined. Young people need to learn that if someone becomes unconscious after drinking he should be rushed to a hospital immediately. Never let someone “sleep it off.” The lack of publicity about how deadly alcohol can be is a national disgrace.


When I was a teenager in a large urban school I knew two boys who died of alcohol poisoning on separate occasions. This book is an inspiration for all of us to educate young people to prevent tragedies like this from happening again and again, to do something constructive with your life instead of wallowing in self-pity, and to appreciate and value your child’s life and health while you can.


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