Elusive Innocence

A Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused

by Dean Tong (Huntington House, Lafayette, LA, 2002)


This is an important but disturbing book, potentially priceless, about how false allegations of child sexual abuse can be prevented, fought and sued against. Some of the stories of parents and children who were the victims of false allegations are so horrifying as to seem incredible.

False allegations of child sexual abuse in the context of divorce and custody disputes are so common that parents should voluntarily seek chaperoned visits with their children whenever there is hostility between spouses. That’s a new twist on the old advice never to respond to a spouse’s physical attack, because that’s exactly what she’s trying to provoke to accuse you of spouse-battering.

Another important piece of advice from a now-grown child is: teach your child the difference between telling the truth and telling a lie, and the importance of always telling the truth. That makes it harder for a spouse to pressure a child into making a false allegation.

The book also describes the suggestive and manipulative tricks that overzealous psychologists and social workers use to fabricate “evidence” to support false allegations, such as anatomically complete dolls which the child is encouraged to play with (e.g. the child is asked “Where did he touch you?” while the psychologist points her finger at the doll’s genitals to indicate the answer the adult wants the child to give).

The use of such dolls have failed experimental attempts to confirm their validity. Other tricks include asking the child to “pretend,” asking leading questions, then videotaping the child’s “pretend” statements without recording the initial interview with the instruction to pretend and the leading questions.

The book lists the contact info of experienced attorneys – an essential resource if you want to successfully defend yourself from false allegations of abuse. Such a highly technical and sensitive legal proceeding is no place for your local buddy to represent you in court. Available as an inexpensive .pdf download from: www.abuse-excuse.com