Children's Friendships

The Beginnings of Intimacy by Judy Dunn

Foreword by Jerome S. Bruner

(Wily-Blackwell, 2004)


This book explains the largely forgotten importance of early social interaction, even among very young children and toddlers, and is especially valuable for parents considering home schooling. For example, there is research that shows early experience with same-age peers correlates with later success in life, and peer learning is more effective than learning from adult teachers.

An only-child is disadvantaged unless there are other children nearby to spend a lot of time with. In this day and age when some parents use “stranger danger” as an excuse to keep children prisoners in their own homes, and through isolation try to control every thought that goes through a child’s head, this book is a sober and humbling corrective to the arrogance of many uninformed parents. Forced isolation should be considered a form of emotional abuse. Highly recommended!