Praise for the first edition:


"I thought this book was going to be a dry rehash of all the obvious things you hear all the time about child safety, but once I finally made myself sit down and read it 'Real Child Safety' kept me thoroughly engaged. I was surprised at how fast I got through it, and how well it flowed." - N.S.


"Iím a third-year medical student who works part-time in a family health clinic, and I learned a few things I didnít know before." Ė B.G.



Real Child Safety second edition by Frank Adamo (2014)

A web search of the words "Child Safety" brings up a lot of web sites, and most are about preventing child sexual abuse. That isn't very surprising considering the sensationalism in the mass media. Sexual abuse is a genuine problem that deserves attention. But this new book reveals that the intense popular attention to sexual abuse is distorted, considering that most child fatalities and serious injuries are actually due to preventable accidents, diseases and physical abuse and neglect.

Responsible parents protect their children against being sexually abused, but also practice child safety in every way. The leading cause of death among children and adolescents isn't sexual abuse but riding in a motor vehicle unrestrained. While most car crashes are considered accidents, allowing a child to ride unrestrained is no accident; it's negligence.

The statistics quoted in this little book are staggering. On average there are 9 child fatalities in the U.S. related to sexual abuse every year, but thousands of child fatalities every year due to physical abuse and neglect. Those numbers don't even include the 9,000+ child fatalities due to riding unrestrained in a car crash, or fatalities from drowning and other frequent tragedies, as well as non-fatal but serious injuries due to falls from a bicycle without a helmet, etc.

Some of the simple things adults can do, but too often don't, are surprising. This is probably the most important book you will ever read. The book offers positive advice on protecting children from the most common dangers in everyday life, as well as beautiful photographs illustrating safe and happy children to share with your own kids to aid memorization. The professional pictures in this book alone are worth seeing, and the information is priceless. The new second edition is updated and expanded and includes some new photographs.

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