The Dangerous Book for Boys

Conn Igguien and Jamie Glover

(HarperCollins AudioBooks, London, 2007)


This isn't really a dangerous book, but the title is intended to appeal to a boy's desire for adventure. “Boyhood is all about curiosity…”

This audio book features inspiring stories of amazing courage, fierce battles, and heroic acts. There are beautiful poems, such as Kipling’s “If,” (though poetry is recited more enthusiastically in the BBC’s “The Nation’s Favourite Children’s Poems”).

What kind of cloud is made up of ice crystals? How do you find south in the southern hemisphere? The joy of exploring the night sky: How to tell the difference between a planet and a star, etc.

The highest virtue is to be unselfish. This CD teaches the ideal of autonomy. Every boy wants to truly say: “I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul!” Can your child say that? Climb a tree and listen to this book.