"Very tastefully done...very inspiring!" - R.C.



This eBook is an aid for parents to help children avoid becoming ashamed of breasts. It consists of a slideshow of photos in everyday life at home and at the beach, etc., and a text file, and the format of the presentation is wonderful! It is tastefully done, with what some might deem "sensitive" photos interspersed with many other photos of a general nature showing the subject, Anjeza, growing up as her body changes from girl to woman (age nine to fifteen).  The beautiful music adds even more to the quality of the presentation! It has the potential to be truly great.

The current atmosphere of hysteria over sexual abuse and child pornography is such that potential readers might be concerned that acquiring this documentary might leave you open to accusations of prurient interests. But since the photos in Girl Becomes Woman are not sexually suggestive (in terms of the poses, and the genitals are not even exposed), and since close-up photos of the breasts are relatively few in number compared to the overall content of the slideshow, it would be very unlikely that anyone honestly seeking the truth (and not trying to pervert and twist your intentions) could accuse someone of sinister motives for merely viewing the photos and reading the accompanying text.

The 100+ images are reproduced in Standard Definition, to be viewed in Normal Screen mode (rather than High Definition for Full Screen viewing), which lends even further credence to the argument that the documentary (both the words and pictures) are meant to be taken as a whole, and the photos are really secondary and incidental to the text (139 pages). A picture from each month that she developed would have been a nice idea, but would have increased the total number of photos to over 200.

The story of this childís metamorphosis describes how perceived peer pressure and cultural conventions motivated a young girl to start covering up her growing buds in public, and eventually even wear a bra when there was no legal, ethical or aesthetic need for such a contraption. In effect, cultural fashion insists that young girls act like senior citizens who prop up their sagging old breasts to appear young.


I recommend Girl Becomes Woman to all parents (and grandparents) of growing children, especially mothers and fathers of daughters. Our leaders and lawmakers would benefit from experiencing this documentary too. The documentary is free, but in order to obtain it you must first read Real Child Safety and answer a questionnaire to show you donít have prurient interests.


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